How to choose the fit size of safety shoes?

We know that the most important element of safety footwear is to protect your feet. However, if you choose the wrong size of work shoes, this will make you uncomfortable and compromise protection at the same time. It is necessary to take into account that work shoes will be very uncomfortable if they are the wrong size and not suitable for you. As you will be wearing safety shoes when working in harsh working environments, perhaps because you will be on your feet all day long, it is important to know the correct size of your feet in order to choose a pair of fitting shoes. In many cases, shoe sizes can confuse you, especially shoes that protect your feet. Wearing a comfortable and lightweight safety shoe will help you improve your work performance and will also make your day easier by allowing you to be more productive with less fatigue.

How can I find out my correct shoe size?

Simple! In just 3 steps you can find your size.

Take a few minutes and prepare the following tools: a ruler, a sheet of paper, and a pen.

The 3 steps to measure your feet:

  • Put your foot on the paper and make it stick as much as possible.
  • Draw a mark corresponding to the tip of your big toe and another mark corresponding to the heel.
  • Measure the distance between the big toe and the heel.

Remember to measure for both feet, because often they are not the same. If you find that the result is too different, it is always better to consider the larger size.

Safety shoes have less room to stretch than other normal shoes because they have steel and composite toe cap. This means the shoes will be tighter as they won't flex. Therefore, when choosing safety shoes, you should choose a shoe size half a size or one size larger than the shoe size you normally wear. This will make your feet more comfortable in the shoe. Never buy shoes that are too tight for any of your feet.

Here is a chart to help you convert your foot length into the correct shoe size.

Check the various different size guides on our product pages to make sure you buy a size as close as possible to your needs. 

Rona shoes are the first reliable brand that comes to mind when it comes to comfort and lightness in shoes. You can take a look at our lightweight and comfortable shoes for you here.


  • Emma Campbell

    In my exchange I need a 11 or 11 1/2. I also need an address to where to send the shoes back for my exchange not return.

  • Nazie Myustedzheb

    The shoe in my order says number 37 on both the right and left sides, but there is a visible size difference. I would like to exchange it for Eur 37 number. Could you please inform me on how to return the faulty order?

  • Martin

    I am a size 9 I’ve always been a size, if I purchase any other work boot I’m a size 9.
    When I lined up the Rona boots against my current work boot they are 2 cm shorter which tells me the Rona boot size are incorrect and advised in correctly.
    I not happy with your process of dealing with this issue seems like to much trouble, I’ll purchase elsewhere as I’ve done in the past.

  • Christian

    Gracias por responder, he cogido una talla 43, tras haber medido el pie, que es de unos 270 mm. Aunque siempre he comprado una talla 44-45 dependiendo de los zapatos, confío en vuestro sistema de medir y en caso de devolución por una talla más espero que sea cómodo el proceso.

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