Why choose breathable safety shoes?

Safety shoes are essential for people working in dangerous conditions. To provide maximum protection, it is important to choose breathable safety shoes.

When you consider the article you will read here, you will understand the importance of a breathable safety shoe. You will also realize that other factors have a big impact on your foot health.

The reason why breathability is important in safety shoes;

1) It is quite convenient and comfortable.

It allows your feet to breathe and stay dry, which reduces perspiration and odor build-up. You can work more comfortably and more efficiently with non-sweaty and dry feet.

2) It prevents foot diseases.

Our feet, often "closed" with socks and shoes, are the most susceptible to this lack of sweating, so we should take special care with them and equip ourselves with shoes that support ventilation. That's because some wet feet are a "breeding ground" for bacteria, fungi, pathologies, and bad odors. That's why we need to pay extra attention to our feet. Health and protection starts with our feet.

3) Breathable shoes never compromise on quality and safety.

Breathable work shoes have the same features and the same protections as traditional steel toe shoes. These features are;

  • Slip resistant non-slip SRC outsole,
  • Drop and impact resistant steel toe cap
  • Puncture resistant Kevlar Midsole protection,
  • It has a shock absorbing feature that is resistant to vibrations and impacts that may come from the ground.

Other than that, they are quite light and comfortable.
Moreover, its breathability feature does not compromise safety in any way.

Rona Shoes aims to keep your feet dry all day long thanks to its special breathable fabric. Breathable and sweatproof shoes are exactly what you need. Rona Shoes comes to the forefront thanks to its special breathable fabric that it manages to keep the inner temperature of the foot in balance, to provide rest, health, comfort, and well-being. Our Luna model safety shoes will provide you with superior breathability. You can view the Luna model hereIn addition, all Rona Safety Shoes are breathable. You can find all our other safety shoe models here.

Even the socks you wear, rather than the shoes, have a big impact on your foot health. Always take care to choose quality socks that are suitable for your feet. Socks must be thin and light. In addition, the content the material of the socks must have these mixtures;

  • 100% Cotton,
  • Tencel Modal
  • Bamboo Viscose

Socks made of these materials provide a perfect fit, cool comfort, and superior breathability.

Also, foot cleaning and shoe care also have an important effect on your foot health. You should make sure to wash your feet with cold water after coming home from work every day. You also need to put your shoes in an open and clean place to breathe and rest.

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