Things to consider when buying work shoes

Safety shoes are made of durable steel, composite, and fiberglass materials for the protection of toes. Due to the fact that it eliminates dangerous factors that pose a risk to human health, its use has been made compulsory by law. In order for working people to move comfortably and at the same time protect themselves from different risks, they should choose the most comfortable safety shoe models suitable for the foot structure. The selection of these products, which have many different designs, must be made in a way that eliminates the risks in the working environment. For this reason, when choosing work shoes, it is important to choose shoes that meet aesthetic and comfort criteria as well as those that will provide protection level selection or personal safety.

There are 6 important topics to consider when purchasing your safety shoes:

  • Make sure that your work shoes protect you in all conditions.

Protecting your toes and the sole of your foot is the most important factor.
A kevlar midsole is required to prevent nails and sharp hazardous substances from entering our feet and to protect the bottom of the foot.
An anti-static outsole is required to provide electrical contact resistance.
A non-slip outsole resistant to heat, oil, and water is required.
Most importantly, safety shoes must have a steel toe cap or composite toe cap. We recommend our shoes with steel toe caps for durability and durability.

  • Make sure the shoe is comfortable.

There are many lightweight safety shoe models that do not compromise protection. When deciding which style of safety shoe fits your work environment perfectly, you should be careful not to compromise your own comfort.
Rona Shoes offer a comfortable wearing experience thanks to its waterproof and breathable special upper fabric.
In addition, the use of rubber as the sole material greatly increases comfort.

  • Choose a safety shoe of the right size

If you need to spend the whole day in your safety shoes, you need to choose a fit size shoe. Unfortunately, a fit size in safety shoes varies from model to model. Both foot width and length play an important role for a shoe to fit properly. Some types of shoes may not be suitable for every foot type, choose work shoes suitable for your foot type, shoes that squeeze and sweat the foot can cause fungus. Don't just choose a size based on your past experiences and buy safety shoes. Be sure to read our article "How to choose the fit size of safety shoes?" This will help you choose a work shoe that fits you properly.

  • Never buy 2nd hand.
  1. Never buy 2nd hand safety shoes because you don't know what the actual condition is.
  2. Do not be tempted by the cheap price as it will cost you more in the event of an accident.
  3. Always remember to replace your shoes if there are any signs of damage to the toe protection part or the midsole.

Soles wear out depending on the wearer's gait, so by wearing someone else's shoes, you will affect your own footprints and balance. This can potentially lead to gradual damage to most joints in your body. The back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet all require correct alignment to stay healthy.

  • Choose a reliable brand of safety shoes

A reliable brand of safety shoes will be more profitable for you in the long run. Never choose a safety shoe with an unknown brand because it is cheap. Because cheap safety shoes will cost you more in the long run. You can visit our Rona Shoes site for our safety shoes produced in accordance with European Standards and consisting of first-class A-quality materials.

  • Take care to extend the life of work shoes

It is a big mistake to think that all safety shoes are the same. You should choose the right shoe according to the features you need and the risks in your working environment. Choosing the right work shoes also extends the life of the shoe. You should think about how to make your safety shoes last longer. Treating your work shoes well and caring for them by cleaning them after you take them off will increase the lifespan and safety performance of your shoes. Give your shoes time to dry naturally. You better have alternative shoes. You can get more detailed information on this subject by reading our article on "Lifespan and Care of Work Shoes".


We should not forget that in the methods to be used to eliminate hazards or reduce their effects, the priority should be to eliminate the sources of danger. Reducing the effect of the hazard with safety shoes should be considered as the last method. Get into the habit of understanding your own work and how you can protect yourself from hazards and risks.

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